NEWS HERMÈS | New Store Opening Azabudai HillsGrand Opening of Hermès Azabudai Hills Store




新聞広告(日経新聞・読売新聞):2月29日(木) 朝刊

Art Direction + Design | 三澤 遥
Design | 鈴木正樹、鈴田克弥、水野真由
Photo | 北村圭介(ビジュアル)*
Copy | 磯目 健
Illustration | 山田博之*
PR | 曽根良恵

Client | エルメスジャポン株式会社

Misawa Design Institute is in charge of the main visual and its development for the grand opening of the Hermès Azabudai Hills store on Thursday 29 February. For station-jack ads and Colton ads, paper printed with illustrations of horses and trees is hollowed out in the shape of arches, bridges and doors, and actually photographed in four layers, which are enlarged and applied to these ads. When you get closer to the advertisements, you can see the unique texture of paper, the ink particles and the expression of the fore edge of the cut paper. Other media include development into a video featuring moving horses. The station-jack ads are currently displayed in the underground plaza at Kamiyacho Station on the Hibiya Line from 26 February to 10 March.

Kamiyacho Station Underground Plaza Media Jack Concourse Colton: Now on display until Sunday 10 March
Newspaper ads (Nikkei and Yomiuri Shimbun): Thursday 29 February, Morning edition
Azabudai Hills Network Signage: Now on display until Sunday 10 March
Other adverts are available on Instagram, LINE and Facebook.

Art Direction + Design | Haruka Misawa
Design | Masaki Suzuki, Katsuya Suzuta, Mayu Mizuno
Photo | Keisuke Kitamura (visual)*
Copy | Ken Isome
Illustration | Hiroyuki Yamada*
PR | Yoshie Sone

Client | HERMES JAPON Co., Ltd.


*: Non-NDC staff