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「HEMEL Haute Couture Brew Tea™」は、最上級の手摘み台湾茶葉を組み合わせたブレンドティーです。先端テクノロジーと手技を掛け合わせ、茶畑の個性に最も適した温度・湿度・ph・時間によるオートクチュールの抽出を行っています。

"HEMEL Haute Couture Brew Tea™ "is a blend of the finest hand-picked Taiwanese tea leaves, brewed using a combination of advanced technology and handcrafted techniques and creates a haute couture brew with temperature, humidity, ph and time that best suits the unique characteristics of each tea plant.
The bottle, which has the mysterious appearance of a mass of water floating in the air, is an embodiment of HEMEL's precise manufacturing. The bottle is made of very thin glass, which is also used for laboratory equipment, and is formed using both machine-made and hand-made techniques. When the liquid is poured into the bottle, the sign of the glass disappears and the blended tea softly appears in the space.
The shape of the bottle looks as if it were made from the freshness of the liquid, and in some places you can feel the unique expression of the liquid, such as the tension of the water surface and the roundness of the drops.

三澤 遥Haruka MISAWA
佐々木耕平Kohei SASAKI
長瀬香子Kyoko NAGASE
興村憲彦Norihiko OKIMURA
Movie Director
深尾大樹Taiki FUKAO
阿部海太郎Umitaro ABE
杉本瑞樹Mizuki SUGIMOTO
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