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「Rising Talent Awards Japan 2022」出品作品


Exhibited at the Rising Talent Awards Japan 2022.

The paper moves, as if by its own will.Taking on the properties of metal, the paper sitting silently, attracts magnetic force, and slowly begins to move. It moves actively, which is unbefitting of paper, while maintaining the elaborate and detailed character unique to paper. Instead of waiting to be used by humans, the paper stands up on its own. It may be said that the paper gains identity described in the first person. Doshi, given the dual meaning of "moving paper" and "verb" in Japanese, may play a new role with its potentials, by adding the new feature of moving. It might dance, play music, maybe even fly. "Doshi" is starting to advance to a domain where paper has yet to set foot.

三澤 遥Haruka MISAWA
三澤 遥、本山真帆、高田ふみHaruka MISAWA, Maho MOTOYAMA、Fumi TAKATA
Machine Design
nomena(武井翔平、樗木浩平)nomena (Shohei TAKEI, Kohei CHISHAKI)
Manufacture of paper
Awagami FactoryAwagami Factory