WORKS 続々 三澤 遥 | ExhibitionAgain and Again: Ideas Coming To Mind Haruka Misawa | Exhibition



Images and ideas emerge and disappear, continually submerging and reappearing in my mind. Sometimes I concentrate and carefully observe familiar scenes and little things that I usually overlook, searching for fundamental principles lying bare in the deepest, darkest recesses. That is when I discover a wellspring of possibilities bubbling up to the surface one after another—possibilities that don’t yet exist but feel like they should. I let those possibilities grow as far as they can, and then experiment by molding them gently into rough forms. Before I know it, ideas from completely unrelated areas stick together, expand, and begin to morph into completely unexpected, unknown shapes. At times like that, the thrill makes my heart pound. For me, designing is a continual motion, like the propagation of cells, repeatedly dividing and coalescing. Having form while being formless. Fitting a pattern while not fitting at all. Providing a solution while leading to more puzzles. Here I present a grouping of elusive possibilities. It is my hope that it will enable people to sense an unknown realm in the familiar world around us, and to discover for themselves how thrills and mysteries can emerge again and again.

ギンザ・グラフィック・ギャラリーginza graphic gallery
三澤 遥Haruka MISAWA
吉澤あずさ、本山真帆、佐々木耕平Azusa YOSHIZAWA、Maho MOTOYAMA、Kohei SASAKI
磯目 健Ken ISOME
北村圭介(ポスター)、加藤純平(会場)Keisuke KITAMURA(Poster)、Jumpei KATO(Space)
Mechanical Design
HIGURE 17-15 casHIGURE 17-15 cas
Special Cooperation
馬越 寿、柿崎智広(すみだ水族館)、八木原敏夫Yasushi UMAKOSHI、Tomohiro KAKIZAKI ( SUMIDA AQUARIUM )、Toshio YAGIHARA
公益財団法人DNP文化振興財団DNP Foundation for Cultural Promotion