WORKS 紙の飛行体 | ArtworkPaper veicles of flight | Artwork



I investigated shapes of paper that could fly, experimenting to discover the forms of the flight paths that objects took from leaving my hand to the point where they landed.
The appearance of paper hanging in mid-air without its own motive power has a distinct charm. The paper may only defy gravity for a few seconds, but that event embodies one of paper’s attractions. Paper made into a flying object and dropped remains aloft much longer than an ordinary rectangular sheet of paper with the same weight.Differences in the paper’s basis weight, size, folds, and fastening methods affect attitude, speed, and path as a flying object. Simply folding the paper a little makes it waft gently down to ground, but in the shape of an airplane it can fly parallel to the ground for a long distance. By adjusting the center of gravity, it can describe arcs as it dances in the air. Using these techniques and controlling the object through fine adjustments, I tried to find an exquisite balance that would lead to beautiful flight.

原 研哉Kenya HARA
三澤 遥Haruka MISAWA
関口尚志/amanagroupTakashi SEKIGUCHI/amanagroup
株式会社 竹尾TAKEO Co.,Ltd.
TAKEO PAPER SHOW 2014「SUBTLE」(企画・構成|原研哉+原デザイン研究所)への出展作品TAKEO PAPER SHOW 2014「SUBTLE」