WORKS 興福寺中金堂落慶法要散華「まわり花」 | productSange “flowering in the air” : The Consecration Rite of the Central Golden Hall of Kohfukuji Temple | product



Sange is the Buddhist ritual of scattering lotus blossoms from a temple roof to pay respect to those who have attained Buddhahood during services at temples. Originally, real flowers were used in the ceremony, but at some point in the past they were replaced by colored paper in the shape of lotus petals. Most of these paper versions are modelled after lotus petals, but “flowering in the air” turns into a flower, blooming in midair when it is thrown. It is designed so that the afterimage produced when it spins creates the appearance of a three-dimensional flower. Care has been given to ensure that it can be easily made by anyone, simply by folding it in the proper sequence. Misawa designed these paper sange to generate a three-dimensional image similar to a real flower because she wanted people to experience a sense of gratitude and celebration in a more vibrant way. “flowering in the air” is not just a prototype. The flowers have already been scattered as sange for the Buddhist service during the celebration of the reconstruction of the Central Golden Hall at Kofuku-ji Temple on October 2018.

三澤 遥Haruka MISAWA 
Planning / Print and Converting
濱田英明Hideaki HAMADA
杉本瑞樹Mizuki SUGIMOTO