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  • Movie by Masayuki HAYASHIMovie by Masayuki HAYASHI
  • Photo by Masayuki HAYASHIPhoto by Masayuki HAYASHI
  • Photo by Masayuki HAYASHIPhoto by Masayuki HAYASHI


This paper moves, as if it had a will of its own. Having taken on the properties of metal, paper that had previously been still and silent now begins to move gradually in response to the pull of magnetism. It sticks. It gathers together. It covers. It stands up. It shrinks. It shifts location. It shakes. It swells up.Paper as a verb (a doing word) demonstrates activity that is quite unlike what we expect from paper,but at the same time it has subtle and refined paper-like characteristics. This paper gets up on its own, without waiting to be used by a person. Perhaps this means that paper will develop a first-person attitude.High performance paper is paper that functions with a clear objective. However, having taken onto itself the functionality of a verb, the paper should next become transitive,taking an object that extends the potential of paper, and assuming the appropriate role, if that exists. It may dance. It may play music.It might even fly through the air. Paper Verb is beginning to move towards a realm where no paper has gone before.

三澤 遥Haruka MISAWA 
林 雅之Masayuki HAYASHI
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黒田教裕Michihiro KURODA
Heima(佐藤教之・佐藤牧子)*Heima, Noriyuki Sato & Makiko Sato*
Mechanical Design
nomena(武井 祥平・井上 泰一)nomena, Shohei Takei & Taichi Inoue
Awagami FactryAwagami Factry
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